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All business enterprises have the need for accurate, timely and useful financial information and controls. Unfortunately, many ignore the importance of their financial systems; lack the time, knowledge, expertise and resources to fulfill these necessary requirements. It's no wonder why almost one-third of new businesses cease to exist after the first six months of operation.

Headquartered locally in Woburn, Massachusetts, Outsource Accounting Solutions is an independent accounting consulting company that provides professional expertise in controlling, managing and maintaining the bookkeeping, accounting, human resource and payroll functions. We allow you to focus and concentrate on the service development aspects, and not be distracted by the somewhat routine, necessary financial, and record keeping tasks will allow you freedom to focus clearly on your potential for growth and ultimate success.


The mission of Outsource Accounting Solutions is to provide a reliable, high quality, reasonably and efficiently priced alternative to the traditional in-house, full or part time accountant, bookkeeper, and or human resource personnel. In general, a preference for variable costs instead of fixed costs. The development and delivery of increased financial controls and information will ensure meaningful, accurate and timely financial reporting, allowing management to make the necessary important "well informed" decisions.

Specialize in the delivery of a reliable, high quality, effectively priced alternative to costly in-house financial and human resource personnel.

The ability to enable the client to focus on developing, marketing and selling their particular goods and services.

The development and maintenance of the necessary financial controls to ensure accurate, meaningful and timely financial reporting.

Assist client management in making the "well informed" decisions.

The professional, personalized quality service and expertise, provided through a combination of extensive experience, knowledge, dedication, and hard work.