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Without the proper leadership, planning, support and teamwork, Sir Edmund Hilary may never have been able to accomplish his conquest of Mount Everest. Without them, the great underwater explorations and discoveries of Jacques Cousteau might never have been realized nor revealed to us.


Whether your business enterprise takes you to the summit of the highest peak, the darkest depths of the deep blue, or somewhere in between, quality leadership, timely and appropriate planning, a support network, and a dedicated team, is absolutely necessary to achieve your corporate goals and to survive in today's tough business environment.

Our primary objective at Outsource Accounting Solutions is to enable you, our client, to concentrate and focus on managing, developing, marketing and selling, by providing relief from the ever-consuming daily financial and record keeping tasks. We will join your team of professionals to provide the necessary accounting and human resource support services to insure management has accurate and meaningful financial information required to plan and make the necessary "well informed" critical decisions.

Achieving your goal is our goal!

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4 July 2004
OAS Announces Launch Of New Website